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Oh My God

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oh god, I really like this band! I couldn't imagine if I can meet their band members. I have their live performance, I saw their brutality! Amazing! The most of my favorite songs of this band are "The Virus of Life" and "Heretic Anthem", oh god, they sing very brutally and I love it. I am their fans, even some of my friends didn't like this band (because of the song), but it is not problem for me.

Come here maggots, give me your opinion about this band!

I am Lonely....

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tomorrow is Iduel Adha, and I was remembering about someone again...oh no, why I must remember her again? I am trying to forget her, but I couldn't she always in my mind, even for now I have girlfriend. It was 2 years ago, I told to her that I love her, and she gave me a respond, she said she loves me too. I am happy that night. But by the time, I knew it was a big mistake for me to say that I love her. I was busy with my school and I forget her... I never call her, I never send her a massage, and I forget the day I said love to her.

It was my big mistake... I knew she loves me, but I couldn't show to her that I love her too. Oh god, now I miss her very much, I couldn't contact her, She changed her phone number. I only know her name... I just want to meet you again... Just want to say sorry... Please god, meet me again with her just for one minutes...

Pertamax Phenomena

Thursday, December 4, 2008

It is not about gasoline, I talk about "pertamax" in internet lifestyle. As you see in your blog, when you post an article, the first who commented in your article sometimes adding this word "pertamax" on your comment. Am I wrong? I saw word "pertamax" in an indonesian forum (www.kaskus.com), when someone write a post, and just a second, there is somebody replied the post using that word (pertamax)but in that forum, they didn't use word, but they use picture. It is so funny for me, but for other, it was bothering the person who writes the article. You know why? Because, the person who write that article need a useful comment not only just "pertamax" word. After while I adding comment to other blog I usually adding some words about that article before pertamax ^^ hehe (For me "pertamax" word is very cool).

It is the picture of "pertamax" I took from www.kaskus.com

This phenomena has already spread around internet, not only in that forum, you can find "pertamax" word in blog or shoutbox. I don't know this word will bother the blog's owner or not, but for me, it is not bother me. As long the person adding a comment for it is enough ^^ so feel free when you want to say I am Pertamax!

another picture that related with "pertamax" it is funny right?

^^ again "pertamax" 's picture

I am very tired....

I don't know what should I do now, Today I am very tired, last two days I use my energy too much, enter a forest to search plants and helping my friend to make a poster for her homework...lol, but I enjoyed them, it makes my sense back to normal after I got sick because car-crash accident.

At monday, I went to my friend home, He is studying aboard and now He took holiday for 2 months, I miss him very much, so I went to his house. And luckily He is master at photoshop design so I asked him for help me to do my friend's poster. He did it very well, goddamn His design is very good! I have never seen someone created poster in a very short time. In His house, we talked much about His life in Malaysia, about girlfriends and of course about game and our blog (www.syraru.com), at 5 PM I went to MC'D to give that poster to my friend.

At tuesday, I went to UNPAD Jatinangor to complete my research about Azolla pinata, I went there with my friends, or I called it my teammate, they are Lia and Feby, We went there by using my car. It was my first time I went to UNPAD Jatinangor, it is very big university, if we didn't use car we already totally faint today, we went to agriculture faculty to get this plants, but they said we must go to rice fields or a pool to get this plants. First we went to the pool, it is located at the middle of Jatinangor forest, so we entered the forest but we found NOTHING! so directly we went to rice field that located near FIKOM and oh my god! We found it, we took many for our research and of course we want it breeds in our home. After 5 hours searching, we back to our lovely city. Thanks for Lia and Feby, they so helpful without them I could get lost in the forest ^^

Peace and Love
Red Dog

Searching for Azolla pinata

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This is my first searching about plants, and for the first time I entered a forest to seek this damn plants. It is called Azolla pinata by scientist but known as Mata Lele for Javanese people. They live in rice field and pool. Farmer usually use this plants to fertilized their rice field, because it is able to take nitrogen and keep it in their body from air after that farmer usually buried it for fertilizer their plants. I took 5 hours to get this plants and bring it to my house. I went to there with my friend, they are Lia and Feby, they help me to find this damn plants. Why I wasted my time for searching this plants? We want to make an experiment about this plants, so we need it but in our city this plants is very hard to find, we must go to village or forest to get this plants. Look at the picture of this damn plants

This is for picture one

This is for picture two

Peace and Love
Red Dog

Hotel626 Visit Here Show Your Courage!

Thanks for april8 coz He give me information about this scary game, and I will give you recommendation to play this game too.

Wanna play web base game with horror and mystery style? Check this out!

Play at your own risk! If you are easily frightened - DO NOT VISIT!

I play this game… and ….. i feel scary hehehe, sign up for free now and play this game, but, you cannot play this game in the morning, you can only play this game at 6 PM until 6 AM (the website means hotel six to six), this game is full website base game, you shouldn’t install any application except active your flash plugin for your browser (this game is 100% flash). This game is not like another web base game, it gives you challenge to solve some mystery that will give it to you while you play this game, be careful you must solve the mystery quickly before the darkness catch you up. Can you solve the mystery while the darkness try to catch you?

With the real video and good scary sound, this game shows you what is the darkness means, you will try to find an answer in short period of time to complete one missions. The first missions is not hard (just like another game), but by the time you play this game, the mystery will 100% different, more scary sound, and of course…ghost….so before you play this game, I just say, PLAY IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Do you want to play this game too? Just go directly to www.hotel626.com , sign up there and enjoy playing this game. But you must have a courage to play this game, don’t forget to increase your sound volume ok ^^ and if you want to play it at the morning, just change your time on your system, change it to 6 PM or 8 PM, and enjoy play this game not in the night.

And don’t forget, if you don’t have any courage to play this game, don’t play this game! Read the term of service before you play this game. I am sorry if my review is not help you imagine about this game, it is because of my english language is not good and honestly I still play this game ^^ and I can’t give you more detail about this game ^^, if I have grammatically error in this post, correct me, I am happy if you correct my grammar.

Taken from www.syraru.com

Peace and Love
Red Dog

National Exam Prediction Question

Hey bro, especially for high school students who will get National Exam on March next year, I will give you some of my National Exam’s question that I studied for last year. This files will include some UGM Test and National Exam Prediction Question.

Hope all my files will help you pass your National Exam Test.

Click here to download the files, I using rapidshare to easy you downloading the files. But be sure you have already install Win-Rar on your computer to decompress it.

Download Here

This files will totally remove from Rapidshare in 90 days if nobody download it. So if this link is dead, just contact me and I will upload it again. I cannot enter my premium account on rapidshare and I don’t know how to sign up in free collector zone…I don’t want to upload it in ziddu, why? their server is too slow, even I can get money by share my files there…so for me the best file sharing is totally rapidshare.

Study hard for your National Exam dude, it is meaningful for your life, you can’t enter university without pass this National Exam Test.

taken from www.syraru.com

this is my first article :) I hope this spoiler will help you pass this National Exam

Peace and Love
Red Dog